Our brand values

We believe that most people choose to build a pool because they dream of spending quality time with friends and family swimming in their own backyard. After this substantial investment, some pool owners feel deeply disappointed and stressed when stains appear in their pool which cannot be removed with typical stain removers.  This situation can soon destroy any pride or joy that they once felt from owning their own pool.

It is our purpose to restore this former joy by removing stains and restoring the original look of the pool without draining the water.  By doing this, we hope to achieve our ultimate goal which is to help families and friends create many lasting and happy memories in their swimming pool while also preserving valuable drinking water. Aside from our brand values, since 2013, we have been bound to the SPASA Code of Ethics.

Our environmental values

Our stain removal process does not require the pool water to be drained.  Consequently, we take great pride in the 50,000,000 Gallons of water that our technology has saved from being wasted. To us, it seems crazy to waste an entire pool full of water simply to remove a stain. The water we have saved would take a normal garden hose running constantly for 6 ½ years to replace.  Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, this represents a lot of money saved for our clients.

Our wish for our customers is to help eliminate the stresses that sometimes come with pool ownership.  By doing this, we hope to play a small role in making happy memories in your swimming pool with your loved ones.  It is our hope that one day this will also be the goal of the entire swimming pool industry.

Above all, we believe that being true to our brands values is a vital part of our business.  Feel free to return to our home page or to read reviews from many of our past clients.

National Sanitation Foundation Certified

Our Stain & Scale Prevention products proudly carry NSF Certification.  The NSF serves as the trusted authority for health standards, testing, certification, consulting, and training in various domains, including food, water, health products, and the environment.

The NSF provides certification services to industries such as food service and automotive. Their primary role is to ensure that products meet specific standards of safety, quality, and performance.

Most importantly, the NSF plays a crucial role in safeguarding the world’s food, water, consumer products, and the environment through rigorous standards and certifications.