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Customer reviews and comments

“I had copper stains in my pool for about 6 months. After spending hundreds of dollars on non-performing products purchased on bad advice of local pool stores, I found Pool Stain Removers with an internet search. Their treatment sounded too good to be true. It turns out, it wasn’t too good to be true. It was awesome! I find myself going outside several times a day just to gaze at my like-new pool. I am so pleased. Thank you Wade!”

Bill Smyth – Inlet Beach – Florida.

“I added poor-quality salt to my pool which caused horrible stains on the bottom of my pool. I tried pressure washing and another online stain removal product. Nothing worked and I thought I was destined to live with the very noticeable stain. It really took away from the beauty of our pool. Then I found Wade’s company. They formulated a treatment specific to my pool and my stains! I was very careful to follow the easy step-by-step procedure they provided me. No canned treatment. this was specific to my situation. The treatment worked at clearing 100% of the stains I saw and 100% of the stains that gradually collected over time. I am absolutely thrilled and highly recommend Wade and his company. Thanks!.”

Steve Nelson –  Oklahoma City, OK.

They completely fixed our pool. We had tried everything and nothing worked but after contacting this company our pool issues are gone! We had copper stains that looked just awful and now have a beautiful, sparkling blue pool! Their costumer service is impeccable and Wade helped us through the entire process.

Dorcas Powell – Evans, Georgia

This product really works!! We had some metal stains that appeared as black areas and streaks on the sides and floor of our pool, including all return ports. We treated it following the detailed instructions Wade provided. Then we watched the stains gradually disappear. In less than three weeks the pool was back to looking great. We highly recommend Wade and Pool Stain Remover. Timely delivery with great instructions. You won’t go wrong with this product.
Jere & Kitty Miller- Ocala, FL

I highly recommend this company and its products. my experience was very professional experience Wade is very knowledgeable about my salt pool. The calcium build up had been treated by the people who resurfaced the pool, it didn’t do anything and then was acid washed which ruined the color and cost me more money because the pool had to be drained and filled back up and the calcium came right back. I was very upset and decided to start caring for my pool myself as I had done in the past anyway. I found this company online. I spoke with Wade for about 20 mins or so, I learned a great deal from him. The calcium remover worked perfectly, I did exactly as directed. Highly recommend. Amy Noel.

Amy Noel – Bradenton -Florida

This product worked better than anything I could have ever expected! I had stubborn stains in my pool that were so bad that I was considering replastering this winter. I had previously tried to acid-wash the mysterious stains out of our pool to no avail. Their product was easy to use and worked like magic. I would recommend using Pool Satin Removers to anyone considering it.

Frank Pagura – Sugar Land, TX

“The brown spots on the steps have been driving me crazy for over 3 months.  I was told by our pool guy that the stains were osmosis and the fibreglass was ruined. Thanks for getting rid of them for me. I really appreciate it”.

David – Castle Hill  NSW

“The green streaks across our pool have only continued to get worse. The issues we’ve had with the pool in the past have been very annoying to say the least.  We had even thought about getting rid of the pool and filling it in.  Thanks for making our pool look really nice again”.

Bill & Sandra- Benowa QLD

“MANY apologies for not contacting you sooner. Just a note to thank your for your amazing product that removed calcium build up from our pool and saved us at least $1,000 for acid clean.

Also, is there an ongoing maintenance program that I should be implementing to prevent future build ups? We are on very hard bore water.”

David – Dubbo NSW

“Watching the pool stains disappear in front of our eyes was the best thing that I have seen since the 2000 New Year’s Eve Sydney fireworks.

This is an amazing product. My skepticism vanished as fast as those stains. We’ve had many pool companies try putting regular market products with no avail.

The formula that you have produced is great not only for the fact that it works but also due to its non toxic nature. It also serves us in Australia as we need not drain the pool for acid washing.

Without doubt, I am very happy to be a referee from the Pool Stain Removers.  Finally, thank you once again for the wonderful service.”

Nalaka – Mornington Penisula

“My company was hired to construct a metal patio cover over a fiberglass pool.  While grinding some of the bolts, some metal particles fell accidentally into the pool and left several large rust spots. Thanks to your treatment, all the spots have now disappeared and we’ve now received the final payment from our client.  More than happy to recommend you guys to anyone.

Wayne Johnson – The Patio Construction Company LLC

Amazing stuff. To tell you the truth I was skeptical when we purchased it as everyone said we would have to drain our pool and power wash it. I really didn’t want to drain 24,000 gallons of water, power wash and refill. I spoke to Wade and he assured me that his product would work. I can truly say I gave them a 12 out of 10. Thanks Wade and if you ever have a skeptical client please have them contact me.

Rob Stirone – St Clair Township – Pennsylvania

I highly recommend POOL STAIN ROMOVERS LLC Last year my pool robot stopped working I waited about 60 days to get it repaired by the manufacturer, by that time the winds came then the bottom of the pool was full of leaves and it stained the bottom I tried everything but draining the pool . My wife and I own a Real Estate company in Las Vegas with over 100 agents and from time to time when one of our Buyers buys a home with the same issue we will recommend POOL STAIN REMOVERS LLC and Wade for his help.
Gabrielle Tulli – Las Vegas, NV

I highly recommend Pool Stain Removers. I had researched what seemed like a thousand websites about how to go about removing the brown and greenish (not algae) stains on my walls. Many were conflicting with others. Others said to drain and acid wash. For the small amount of this system, I thought it is either going to work or I’ll be screwed. I followed the process to the letter. That is key as I did call Wade a few times just to verify what I was seeing was correct. Each time he either picked up the phone or called me back in a reasonable amount of time and ensured me I was doing it right. My wife at the time didn’t think the issue we had was that big a deal. But after I did this treatment she even claimed the pool walls were definitely better and looked like the rest of the pool matched the floor. The only recommendation I will say is to make sure you follow the directions carefully, don’t rush it. My total time… my pool was bad… for me took around 2 1/2 weeks because I choose to leave it to sit longer. I probably didn’t have to but I did anyways. Anyhoo the wife and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Wade! Charlie J.

Charlie Jackson – Port Charlotte, FL.

I recently had my pool resurfaced with one of the pebble products and the vendor let the pool sit without initial chemicals nor the pool filter system running for a week, the result was a yellow staining throughout the pool. After months of trying to get the original contractor to fix my staining issue, I tired several local pool stores / vendors and no one wanted the job. I found USA Pool Stain Removers through an online search and sent my information and photos to them. I was contacted within a day and received a call from Wade discussing the type of kit I would need to resolve the staining in my pool. USA Pool Stain Removers sent the kit out the next day (very easy payment process for the kit) and I applied the treatment according to the easy to follow instructions. Once your pool water is balanced based on the instructions, adding the kit components only takes 10 minutes. The results have been outstanding with most of the stains removed within the first three weeks and continuing to diminish with brushing and maintaining the pool chemistry based on the easy to follow outline in the instructions. I am very happy with my results and would highly recommend USA Pool Stain Removers and their products.

Adam Hollifield – Tampa Bay, FL

Thank you very much for your professional service and advice. We were lost to whom we should contact in regard to a large rust stain we acquired on the floor of our pool courtesy of a metal ring left in the pool for a couple of days. We Googled the internet and found your business ‘The Pool Stain Removers’.

After forwarding to you an email requesting advice and help on trying to remove the stain, your follow-up communication was great and your professional advice was spot on. We obtained from you some powder that you recommended that should remove the stain. I was hoping that it would remove some of the stain, but honestly didn’t expect it to remove 100% of the stain. But, it did! So after two applications, the stain was fully removed, took less than 36 hours to return the pool floor back to its original state. 100% of the stain is gone!

Finally, if anyone has similar markings or rust stains on their pool flooring, I highly recommend Wade and his business to you. Their service is very professional, they understand what their clients want and are so easy to communicate with. Again, thank you ‘Pool Stain Removers’. Highly recommend!

Patrick – Bundaberg

“I honestly didn’t think you would be able to get the stains out.  I work right next door to a pool shop and I had tried nearly everything to get rid of them before we called you guys.  Thanks for your time and effort and doing the job for the price you quoted”.

John – Silverdale NSW

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