Culator Metal Eliminator

Stain Eliminator
Culator Metal Eliminator

CuLator Metal Eliminator PowerPak is great for maintaining a metal-free pool. Each one removes 1.0 ppm or 4.0 ppm total metals and helps prevent metal stains.

  • Eliminates 1.0PPM or 4.0PPM total dissolved metals from 20,000 Gallons.
  • Works in chlorine free pools or salt water pools
  • No phosphates are added during the process
  • Non-toxic and simple to use
  • If used yearly CuLator eliminates metals and prevents metal stains

CuLator Metal Eliminator

This product is designed to eliminate metals from pool water. This means that metals are physically removed and eliminated from your pool or spa water. Remember, most other products simply sequester metals in the water. In fact, the chemistry to produce these polymers was developed over 25 years of scientific research in the USA.  Remember, most metal removal products sold in pool stores only help temporarily prevent, rather than remove metals from pool water.

Culator 1
4.0 PPM – $99.00 DELIVERED
Culator metal eliminator
1.0 PPM – $29.00 DELIVERED

Most pool stains are metal related

Most of the stain types that we treat come from metals which have stained the pool surface. For the most part, these include copper, iron and mineral stains.  Culator helps remove these metals out of your pool so the staining does not occur. Unlike other metal remover, it does not add chemicals to the pool water.  Also, because the treatment is so easy to do, it is something that can be easily done several times a year. Finally, we have many examples of copper and metal stains on other pages of out website.

Remember, this product does not remove stains.  It removes metals from the water but not the surface of the pool.  Many have purchased this product only to be disappointed that the pool stain are still there months later.  Our treatments remove stains and CuLator keeps them gone.