Scale & Stain Eliminator

Stain Eliminator

Our stain and scale prevention solution is an integral part of all our calcium and stain treatment kits. It has been formulated and engineered to safeguard your pool’s surface from unsightly marks and deposits caused by stains and scale. This versatile product is suitable for use on both new and older pools, regardless of the surface material. When used every six months, this solution actively combats the formation of calcium scale and metal and mineral stains in your pool.

In our quest to prevent stains and scale, we have harnessed advanced chemical technologies from around the world. What’s more, these cutting-edge polymers work together to provide stain prevention in four distinct ways, surpassing the capabilities of many products sold in pool stores. Many pool store products contain very small amounts of active ingredients but have large volumes of water and food coloring. They do this to give you the perception that you are getting good value for money. Importantly, this added water makes the product too weak to do the job properly.

Scale & Stain Eliminator

Scale and Stain Eliminator come in a 64 fl oz bottle that when used every six months will keep your pool surface looking sparkling clean.

How does Scale & Stain Eliminator work?

Dispersion refers to the capacity of antiscalants to adhere to crystals and bestow a strong anionic charge that keeps calcium crystals apart. This effectively prevents the aggregation of calcium within your pool water, inhibiting the formation of scale or clumps of calcium on the pool’s surface.

Our products contain organophosphates and organic dispersants that can disrupt the crystal structure of calcium, deterring calcium formation on your pool’s surface and hindering the attraction and bonding of calcium. Most importantly, it allows your pool water to remain out of balance for a more extended period before stain and calcium formation become a concern. In essence, this chemical compound makes it challenging for new calcium deposits to form, ensuring the pool surface remains free of calcium.

This compound interferes with, alters, and weakens the formation of calcium crystals, resulting in a soft, non-adherent scale. So, as calcium crystals begin to take shape at the submicroscopic level, the negative groups on the anti-scale molecule interact with the positive charges of scale nuclei, disrupting the electronic balance necessary for crystal growth.

This mechanism enables our product to bind positively to metal ions.  This prevents these metals from attaching to the pool’s surface, even though they remain present in the pool water.

Scale and Stain Eliminator flyer

How to Order

Please call us at 801 472 9601 or complete the contact us online form today to order. If you have ordered one of our stain or calcium kits then this product comes included in your kit.  We highly recommend that you use this product every 6 months, particularly if any stain or calcification seems to be always forming in your pool.

Customers filling their pool with well water have found great results using this product to suspend the minerals and calcium found in well water.

Scale and Stain
Eliminator Prices

Twelve Months’ supply (X 2 bottles) of scale and stain eliminator is $139.00 Including taxes and free shipping for both bottles in total. Due to the cost of packaging and handling, we do not ship individual bottles. We also offer a further discount on orders of 6 bottles or more.