Rust Stains in Pool

Remove rust stains in pool

Most rust stains in swimming pools come from metal objects that have fallen into the pool such as metal shavings from grinding, nails, or toys. If these items fall into saltwater, they begin to rust and stain the pool surface within a few days. The best way to remove rust stains in swimming pools is by using our rust stain treatment kit. We can remove any kind of rust stains in your pool without draining the water or acid washing the surface.

Rust fragments can also settle in a pool when building work, grinding, or metal cutting takes place near the pool. These fragments will not be noticeable at first but will begin to rust a few days later and appear like small rust spots. Small rust spots are often introduced to the pool from cheap pool salt that contains small metal fragments.

Remove rust stains

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We remove rust stains without draining

remove rust stains
rust stains

The good news is that our treatments can remove any rust stains within a few days without draining the pool or acid washing. Our process is very effective in treating and removing rust stains in pool surfaces such as concrete, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass. Our products sometimes completely remove mild rust spots in less than one hour!

If you suspect that your rust stain is from the pool reinforcing steel scroll to bottom of page…

Signs of pool rust staining:

rust stain in fibreglass pool
rust stain pool
Rust stain in swimming pool

We remove rust stains without draining your pool water

We remove rust stains from every type of pool finish. As the images show, we can remove stains from swimming pool surfaces without draining the pool water, blasting or acid washing. Remember, our treatment is a fraction of the cost of an acid wash and a lot faster and a lot less hassle!

If you are unsure of the type of stain you have please feel free to speak with us. There is no cost or obligation.

What causes rust spots on pool walls?

If your rust stain has not come from an object that has fallen into the pool then it may have come from the reinforcing steel used in the pool structure. Often this type of staining will continue to get bigger over time because it is coming from the Steel used as part of the pool’s structural design to maintain strength. Although this type of rust stain is uncommon, it differs from normal rust stains because it continues to look worse over the life of the pool (see pictures below). Importantly, this type of rust stain needs to be physically drilled out, plugged, and sealed in order to stop the steel from reacting (rusting) with the water. To repair this problem colored epoxy products designed for use in swimming pools plug the hole.


Rust from reinforcing steel

Although our chemical treatments will improve the appearance of reinforcing stains, they may reappear after a few weeks if they are not repaired. If you would like further information about how to repair these types of stains please call us.

Reinforcing steel is causing the stain if…


Reinforcing steel
black spot algae
black spot algae in pool
black spot algae

Rust contaminates in the pebble mix

Less than 2% of rust stains come from small metal fragments or contaminated pebbles within the aggregate in concrete pools. So, this means that the fragments often come from the metal rollers used to crush the pebbles down to a particular uniform size.

Also, individual contaminated pebbles can have heavy mineral content and this mineral bleeds out over time. These stains may also leave a very small brown trail (only 1/8 inches). Importantly, these stains will appear soon after the pool is newly built and may multiply in certain areas over time. In short, our treatment process rapidly accelerates the oxidization (rusting) process which will cause the rust stains to break down and dissolve away.

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Removing metals from pool water

Customers who have widespread rust stains should consider using CuLator Metal Eliminator in addition to our treatment. This product will help remove the excess metals from the water to help prevent the stain from reappearing later. Our treatment will dissolve metal stains but will not physically remove all the metal from the water. Remember, liquid metal treatments only ‘suspend’ rather than actually remove the metal from the water. However, CuLator Metal Eliminator is unique because it can physically remove metals from pool water. Remember, your pool store will assist you in measuring the metal levels in your pool water.

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