Copper Stains in Swimming Pools

Remove copper stains in swimming pools

Trying to remove copper stains in swimming pools can be very challenging. This is because copper stains in swimming pools can appear in a variety of colors. However, most often they appear as a light (mint) green or a light brown/grey stain on the walls and floor. Sometimes copper stains can look like algae. Because of its green appearance, some people will shock-dose their pool with granular chlorine to try and remove it.

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Chlorine oxidizes copper and turns it black

Even without shock chlorination, copper stains in swimming pools will become darker and discolored by dirt, chlorine, and other minerals over time. This can make them appear in various colors and shades on the pool surface. Remember, copper stains are often the same in color or appearance as algae and this often leads to incorrect diagnosis and treatment. Copper stains are the most frequently misdiagnosed stains that we see.

Signs of Copper Staining

Metal stains

Products that Will Introduce Copper

Causes of copper staining

Copper staining occurs when you introduce copper sulfate into the pool from algae blocks, copper and silver systems, low-quality pool salts or copper-based algaecides. All of these products add millions of invisible copper ions to the pool water. These ions will often stain the pool surface if residual copper is not properly removed or managed. Remember, staining can occur from water imbalance – particularly if the water pH exceeds 8.3. This rise in pH causes the suspended (floating) copper ions in the pool to ‘plate out’ or bond to the pool surface. This then causes discoloration in the form of a stubborn colored stain.

Also, unbalanced water will strip the copper from pipework in pool heating or solar equipment and bring it into the pool water. If you have a very old gas heater with copper pipes, these can often be the reason why persistent copper stains continue to occur in your pool. However, most new pool heaters use CPVC pipes (instead of copper) to hear the water. So if your heater is fairly new then it is unlikely to be adding any copper to the pool.

Remember, you should remove copper as soon as possible to prevent it from staining the pool. We can assist you in removing copper and other metals from your pool with CuLator Metal Eliminator

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Copper Stain Removal

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Remove copper stains in swimming pool without draining

Our treatments remove copper stains from any pool finish including Pebbletec, Plaster, fiberglass, DiamondBrite, Marcite, or fully tiled pools. As the images show, we can remove copper stains from pool surfaces without draining the pool water. Also, if you have substantial copper staining you may want to also consider our CuLator Metal Eliminator to physically remove the residual copper from the pool to prevent the stains from returning.

If you are unsure of the type of stain you have please feel free to speak with us.

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Remove copper from pool water

Customers with large copper stains should consider using CuLator Metal Eliminator in addition to our treatment. This product removes copper from pool water to help prevent the stain from reappearing. Our treatment will dissolve copper stains but not physically remove all the copper from the water. This means that if the copper is not removed, it may re-stain the pool at a later time.

Remember, common liquid metal treatments only ‘suspend’ rather than actually remove the copper from the water. On the other hand, CuLator can physically remove copper from pool water. Your pool store can assist you in measuring and controlling the copper levels in your pool.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Our products remove almost all stain types from all pool surfaces. However, we suggest that you act on copper stains as soon as you can because if copper stains are older than 1–2 years they are often absorbed into the pool interior. In some cases, heavy copper stains discolor a pool interior permanently. So in these situations, copper staining may still be visible or reappear within a few weeks, even if you drain the pool and acid wash the surface. Finally, severe copper staining may need two full treatments for complete removal.

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