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How to Identify Pool Stains

Accurately identifying pool stains is the most challenging part of what we do. Getting this right consistently has taken more than a decade of experience, a Bachelor of Science and plenty of costly chemical engineering. Simply put, we’ve done all the expensive testing so you don’t have to!

Although different types of stains can be similar in color, the products needed to remove them can be very different. For example, even very experienced pool guys will often completely misdiagnose stains and apply the wrong treatment to their clients’ pools. This misdiagnosis results in unhappy pool owners, damaged surfaces, wasted money and no stain removal. This is one reason why we have more than 450 pool guys and pool stores as regular clients.

the pool stain removers
Leaf stains

Many pool stores often suggest various expensive ‘all-purpose’ stain removal products that have little or no effect on pool stains.

They suggest these products because they often have no idea what the stain is or how to remove it. In short, they are using your hard-earned money to experiment with different product options. One of the most common questions we hear is how to properly identify pool stains.

Remember, if stain remover products are not matched to the right type of stain, it can make the staining worse! Adding the wrong product also makes stain removal harder as well. More than 10% of the stains we treat are correcting a stain caused by poor advice from pool store operators.

Our customers often ask us to recommend the best stain remover for their pool. The answer is not as simple as suggesting a single product as it depends on the type of stain. Don’t worry, after a decade and 10,000 pools, we know how to identify pool stains, remove them, and keep them gone.

Cost effective chemical removal for all types of stains.

Pool stain removal is all we do! Click on any of the stain types below for more information.

Calcium Deposits

Calcium is the hardest type of issue we treat each day because it forms in a pool for a variety of reasons.

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Rust Stains

Most rust stains in swimming pools come from metal objects that have fallen into the pool such as metal…

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Cooper Stains

Copper stains in swimming pools can appear in a variety of colors and its very challenging

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Black Spot Algea

Don’t drain your pool to remove black spot algae because it will simply come back again.

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Calcium Fiberglass

Our calcium remover kit completely clears the hard white calcium buildup on fiberglass pool surfaces.

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Calcium on Tiles

Typically forms and becomes visible on swimming pool tiles at some stage in the life of almost every pool.

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Salt Stains

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in brown stain in salt water pool surfaces.

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Metal Stains

The best way to remove rust stains in swimming pools is by using our rust stain treatment kit.

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Algea Staining

This is greeny brown in color and does not respond to chlorine, scrubbing, or algaecides.

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More information about stains can be found on the stain pages of our website.  However, if you are still unsure please feel free to email us some pictures of your pool.  We are more than happy to help you.