Black spots in my pool, Black spot algae in my pool

Remove stubborn swimming pool stains

without draining your pool water or acid washing!

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Pool stain removal (without draining) from $245.00

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calcium deposits on quartzon

Calcium Deposits

Rust stains

Rust Stains

copper stain in pool

Copper Stains

Black spot algae on pebble pool

Black Spot Algae

calcium on fibreglass pool

Calcium on Fiberglass

Calcium on pool tiles

Calcium on Tiles

Salt Stains in pool

Salt Stains

Metal stains

Metal Stains

Algae Staining on fibreglass

Algae Staining

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After a phone consultation with our technician we diagnose your stain and make a custom made kit with everything you need to easily remove it yourself.

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Our technician will come at a time that suits you and test the pool water and then add the required treatment kit to your pool.

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Free Stain Advice – without obligation.

Speak with a stain specialist today about your stains without cost or obligation. We will gladly evaluate pictures of your stain and discuss your options before we come out or send a kit. Feel free to email pictures to us at or call us at 801 472 9601

The only dedicated Pool Stain Removal company in America

Most of our customers have already wasted money on expensive ‘all-purpose’ pool stain removers before calling us.  Sadly, they soon learn that these treatments are too weak to remove swimming pool stains. We diagnose your stain properly and then send you our commercial-grade stain treatments to remove stains without draining your pool.

  • Powerful products that work
  • No draining your pool water
  • No acid washing your pool
  • Free expert advice
  • Technicians across the USA
  • Restore your pool surface
  • Accurate stain diagnosis
  • Stains removed within a few weeks
  • Pool Stain Removal is all we do!
Mineral staining in pool
Copper stains in pool
algae stain in pool
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You don’t have to drain or acid wash your pool to remove pool stains

Acid washing removes some stains but the process is sometimes unsuccessful and often the stains return later. A typical pool acid wash costs between $750-$2,000 depending on the size of your pool and the severity of the stains. Also, this price does not include the cost of the water needed to refill the pool which is around $145- $195 for most pools in major cities. Additionally, there is the cost to replace all the salt, muriatic acid, sodium bicarbonate, Cyanuric acid, and other chemicals needed to rebalance your pool water when you refill the pool.

Remember, most of the time, acid washing costs 3-4 times more than our pool stain remover treatment.  Fact is, acid washing is rarely needed to remove pool stains. For more information about pool acid washing click here.

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If your city is not listed don’t worry, we can ship our treatments to you in kit form to you with full instructions.  Please contact the pool stain removers today for a free stain consultation with one of our senior technicians.

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