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Certified Swimming Pool Stain Removers
Water Chemistry Water is often called the ‘universal solvent’ and pool water is no exception.  Water containing no dissolved material will be very aggressive and there will be a natural attempt to ‘balance’ this condition by causing the surface materials that contact the water to go into solution (or dissolve).  The materials most commonly attacked are waterline tile grout, cement pool wall material (such as plaster), and iron and copper materials found in pumps, heaters and piping.  When the water is satisfied and the proper mineral balance is achieved, water is no longer aggressive.  Iron or copper dissolved from the system to achieve balance have the potential to cause future stains. On the other hand, water that contains too much dissolved material become ‘balanced’ by dropping out calcium out of solution.  The result is a hard, rough precipitate called calcium carbonate (or scale).  Scale can also collect dirt and becomes an unsightly grey or dark deposit on the surface of the pool. 
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