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Certified Swimming Pool Stain Removers
Rust Staining There are several reasons that cause rust stains to appear in swimming pools.  Metals can be 'introduced' to the pool from external sources such as poor quality pool salt (containing metal contaminates), hair pins, handrail bolts or other metal objects. These metals begin to rust and cause staining.  Our proven treatment process is very effective in treating and removing rust stains from plaster, vinyl lined and stained fiberglass pools.  A less common reason that causes rust to appear in swimming pools is the pool’s reinforcing steel becoming exposed to the water.  Another cause is from contaminates lodged within the pool plaster surface during the construction process. If the rust stain is very severe, and continually reappears after repeated cleaning, chances are it is coming from the reinforcing mesh used within the concrete structure of your pool.  This type of rust stain is often very dark in color, is 1-2 inches in diameter and often continues to look worse over the life of the pool.  This problem needs to be physically plugged and sealed using epoxy products designed for pools in order to stop the steel from reacting with the water.  A small section of the pool interior will need to be removed in order for this to happen.  Although chemical treatments will improve the appearance of these types of stains, they will quickly reappear after a few days if nothing is done to protect the steel from the pool water.  
How can the Pool Stain Removers help to remove rust stains? We have a range of products that are very effective in removing and preventing rust stains.  If you have heavy rust staining in your pool please call us to discuss.
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