leaf spots in pools
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Certified Swimming Pool Stain Removers
Leaf Staining If leaves are not removed promptly from the pool floor, they will bleed or 'sweat' tannin oils on the surface.  Tannin oils and other stain forming matter are found in many tree species.  Leaf stains can be easily removed if they are not left on the floor of your pool for extended periods.  These stains appear as yellow or green clusters on the bottom of your pool that will not brush away. Most of the time they can be treated easily and quickly with our products.  If they are recent stains, we may be able to help you remove them over the phone. 3 ways to reduce the impact of leaf staining: 1) Ensure that your automatic pool cleaner is working properly and is not blocked or congested with leaves.  If it is blocked, you may notice reduced suction and this could result in leaves being moved around the floor of your pool, rather than being picked up. Leaf blockages will often not completely stop the cleaner from moving around the pool so it may 'appear' to be working properly even though there is very restricted suction. 2) Ensure that the free chlorine levels in your pool water are maintained at the proper levels.  Proper chlorine levels should allow the chlorine to dissolve the leaf staining within a few days without any chemical additives.  The most common reason for leaf stains not dissolving over time in swimming pools is low free chlorine levels. 3) Where possible, create a physical barrier between the trees and the pool.  This can be done by either covering the pool while not in use, or trimming back the trees that are dropping the leaves.  While this is not always possible, it will reduce the amount of time needed to clean the pool and will prevent constant blockages occurring in your pool cleaner. Above all, the most important reason for controlling the leaves in your pool is that they often can introduce algae and bacteria into your pool water.  Under certain conditions, this will then raise your phosphate levels and sometimes turn your pool water green.  
leaf staining in a swimming pool Leaf stains in a swimming pool