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Certified Swimming Pool Stain Removers
Leaf Staining In Swimming Pool
This before shot shows our client’s pool suffering from a combination of Leaf and Algea staining. 
After a thorough cleaning and treatment, the stains are no longer present.
Calcium Stains on Waterline
In this before and after shot, you can see the calcium stains built up along the waterline of the tile.  Use of our chemical treatments removed the stain.
This before picture shows the impact of dirt and calcium staining in a quartz interior.
This before shot shows a strong build-up of calcium in a commercial swimming pool. 
This before shot shows our client’s pool suffering from prolonged metal stains from a chlorine free system.
After cleaning and treatment, the stains are fully removed and the client was given a range of tips to help them prevent future staining.
This client purchased some chlorine shock and added it to his pool to clear the green water.  The next day his pool water was clean but the surface now looked like this.
This photo shows the benefit of using our stain lifting compound.  Within 5 days the surface was completely clean.  This was achieved without acid washing or draining the water.
This after shot shows the calcium build-up removed following our treatment process.
This picture shows the effectivness of our chemical treatment in pools that have heavy dirt and calcium staining.
This pool has calcium leaching down from the coping tiles onto the blue waterline tiles below. Over time this calcium hardens and becomes very difficult to remove. 
Our on-site treatment removed all of the calcium build-up from the tiles in less than 2 hours.
This image shows metal staining being dissolved from the surface of a 10 year old fiberglass pool.  Within 2 hours this pool was completely clean. We also added a chemcial agent that will prevent the stain from returning.
Very high levels of cyranuric acid levels in pool water can lead to purple staining. This client had tried 4 different pool store technicians to remove this stain before calling us.  The stain had been visible for 4.5 years and was very stubborn.
After our treatment of the stains we were able to completely remove the stains within a few hours.  As the pool surface is over 35 years old and now a little porous, this process was a little more challenging than usual.
This client had recently demolished an old home and built a new home on the same lot. The original pool remained uncovered during the construction process and had become very cloudy and dirty.  The builders didn’t notice that they had dropped several nails and bolts into the pool.
After treating the stains with our PSR compound the pool surface looked like this within 3 hours following our treatment.  Because our compound was also added to the water, the entire surface (29 years old) benefited from a good clean.
Black spot algae (fungi) is a very challenging and annoying problem for some pool owners to fix.  This pool had been struggling with black spot for 2 years.  No matter what was attempted to remove the spots they would soon return.
Our high strength algaecide and the other treatements that we use cleared the back spot and kept it away.  If black spot is not treated promptly it can permanently discolor and damage the plaster.  If you have black spot please call us.
Our technician spot treated each of the 160 rust spots in in this pool because they had been there for over 18 months. Four hours later the spots are gone and the pool is as good as new.  We didn’t need to drain the pool water to clean it.
This green plaster pool had several nails fall in from recent renovations.  The rust stains were embedded deep within the plaster finish and would not respond to the many pool store treatment products that he bought.
This pool has severe iron staining from a chlorine free system that uses a copper ionizer to sanitize the water.  The client was overseas for several weeks and when he returned his clean pool now looked like this.
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