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The most common causes of copper staining and how to prevent it Many copper stains are caused by copper based pool chemicals and algaecides. These products often contain copper which increases the copper levels in your pool water permanently.  If your water becomes unbalanced in the future, then there is an increased chance of copper stains appearing in your pool. Copper staining often occurs when the pH of your water has exceeded 8.0.  When this happens, the copper that is normally suspended (or floating) in the pool water is 'plated out' or 'sticks' to the pool surface leaving a green, brown or grey stain.  How to prevent it: We recommend not using copper based chemicals or algaecide products in your pool. We also suggest that you remove copper stains as soon as they appear.  This is because the copper will continue to be absorbed deep within the plaster over a period of time. 
Certified Swimming Pool Stain Removers
Copper Staining Copper stains most often present as a light green or a light brown stain on the pool walls and floor surface that will not brush away.  Sometimes pool owners can mistake copper staining as a form of algae because of its green appearance.
How can the Pool Stain Removers help to remove copper stains? Most copper stains can be chemically removed using our specialised treatment process.  These treatments will remove copper stains from plaster, fiberglass, glass bead and fully tiled pools. IMPORTANT NOTE:  While we are able to remove most stains, we strongly suggest that you act on copper stains as soon as they appear. If copper stains are left for longer than 6-8 months, they can sometimes be absorbed deep into the pool plaster.  This will discolor the pool interior permanently so that even if the pool is drained and acid washed, the stain may still be visible or reappear soon after.
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