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Certified Swimming Pool Stain Removers
We have the experience and knowledge to identify stains Diagnosing stains correctly is the most important and challenging part of our job.  A wrong diagnosis, often provided by local pool store employees, can lead to no effect on your stain and cost you a lot of money on expensive ‘all purpose’ cleaning products.  Unfortunately, there is no ONE single product, treatment or acid that will clean ALL types of stains. It’s important to correctly diagnose the type of pool stain so that suitable products can be applied in a dosage strong enough to dissolve it. Good news! The Pool Stain Removers have an extensive history in correctly identifying and removing virtually any type of stain found on almost all pool surfaces. Our treatments work perfectly on all fiberglass, white plaster, pebble, glass bead, marble sheen, and fully tiled pools.
Metal stain in fibreglass pool. About Stains About Stains